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Nourishing Hearts and Homes: Join Our Volunteer Team to Help Feed Seniors in Caldwell County!

Senior hunger is pervasive across the United States, affecting millions of older adults. As people age, various factors such as limited mobility, fixed incomes, and health challenges can make it difficult to access nutritious meals regularly. Fortunately, the Home-Delivered Meals Program in Caldwell County is making a significant difference in the lives of homebound elderly residents. This volunteer-driven initiative has been a lifeline for those who might otherwise go hungry or struggle to prepare meals themselves.

With the mission of nourishing homebound seniors and brightening their lives, the Blue Ridge Community Action HCCBG Home-Delivered Meals program is searching for more volunteers to join their ranks.


Here's a glimpse of what our program offers:

  1. Nutritious Meals: Volunteers prepare and deliver wholesome, balanced meals to seniors' homes, ensuring they receive the vital nutrients needed to maintain their health.

  2. Social Interaction: Beyond the meals, volunteers provide vital social interaction. For many elderly recipients, volunteer visits are a bright spot in their day, combating loneliness and isolation.

  3. Independence and Dignity: By delivering meals to their doorsteps, this program empowers elderly residents to age in place with independence and dignity.

  4. Easy to Volunteer: Our program allows for short, flexible schedules for our volunteers. Volunteers can serve 1-2 hours on weekday mornings. Mileage is also reimbursable.

While the Home-Delivered Meals Program saw a significant decrease in volunteers in recent years. There is still a pressing need for more volunteers. The demand for these services is steadily increasing, and as the elderly population continues to grow, the program requires additional helping hands to reach all those in need.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the Home-Delivered Meals Program, contact our HCCBG Program Coordinator to get started: Stephanie Abernathy, by calling 828-758-4290, ext. 106. You can download a PDF application by clicking the link below. Consider becoming a volunteer today and be a part of our mission to nourish the minds, bodies, and hearts of our elderly neighbors.


HDM Volunteers Help Wanted
Download PDF • 228KB

BRCA HDM Volunteer Application Documents 2023
Download PDF • 2.87MB

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