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Community Services

The BRCA Community Services department focuses on empowering and supporting vulnerable populations by offering a wide range of services, such as case management, advocacy, financial literacy training, and resources to help improve their quality of life. Social workers within the program collaborate with local communities to identify and address social and economic challenges, helping individuals and families access the resources and support necessary to overcome barriers and achieve self-sufficiency.


We strive to build stronger, more resilient communities by promoting social justice, equity, and economic stability for all, ensuring nobody is left behind in pursuing a better quality of life.

Community Service Programs

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REACH Self-Sufficiency Program

Burke, Caldwell, Rutherford

The REACH Self-Sufficiency Program provides case management and other support services necessary to move families to self-sufficiency and above the poverty guidelines.


Whole-family needs are assessed to help determine strengths and find appropriate wrap-around services. Case managers typically work hand in hand with programs within BRCA and local shelters, social service offices, public schools, and more. 

Program services are directed to ensure families achieve a greater sense of authority over their lives by participating in training, workshops, and presentations that include financial literacy, budgeting, and employability skills and providing support services.

This program is funded by the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG).


Information & Referral

Burke, Caldwell, Rutherford

The Information and Referral Program provides information, referral, and outreach assistance in low-income areas, identifying families needing assistance and then linking those families with the appropriate resources.


Needs data collected by Community Services staff are used as a basis for new BRCA program development, advocacy, and the development of programs in local communities.

BRCA is one of the few agencies routinely knocking on neighborhood doors to survey needs and to provide families with needed information. Program and agency needs data is collected every three years through the  Community Needs Assessment.

This program is funded by the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG).

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Burke County CIRCLES Initiative

Burke, Caldwell, Rutherford

Circles™ USA is a national program designed to eliminate poverty. The Burke County Circles™ program has proven results in assisting families to become self-sufficient by reducing government assistance, developing and achieving educational goals and objectives, and increasing family income. Families are provided the training, networking, and social capital essential to escaping poverty. The program’s success is the extent of community involvement. The transformational model of Circles partners volunteers and local community leaders with families in need. 

The Burke County Circles Initiative is partially funded by the Community Foundation of Burke County and the Rostan Family Foundation.

Community Services By The Numbers


Individuals served through CSBG programs (2023)


Families that received case management services (2023)


Families that received Information and Referral services (2023)


Pairs of shoes provided to seniors and children (2023)


Burke County Circles Initiative

Volunteers Needed!

A Circle Ally is a person who volunteers to play an active role in supporting a Circle Leader's commitment to climb out of poverty and achieve his or her goals. Your job as an Ally is to come alongside a Circle Leader and build an intentional friendship and support system. BRCA is seeking volunteers to help make an essential difference by helping others become self-sufficient and connect with other community members.

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