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Burke County CIRCLES Initiative

Circles™ is a national program designed to eliminate poverty. Circles™ has proven results in assisting families to become self-sufficient by reducing government assistance, developing and achieving educational goals and objectives, and increasing family income. Families are provided the training, networking, and social capital essential to escaping poverty. The program’s success is the extent of community involvement. The transformational approach partners volunteers and community leaders with families in need.

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Our mission is to help a community to end poverty through intentional friendships, personal transformation, and systemic change led by the people closest to the challenge.

Blue Ridge Community Actions seeks to inspire and equip individuals affected by poverty in Burke County to help eradicate the cycle of poverty and remove the barriers that stand in the way of self-sufficiency.

When some members of a community live in poverty, the entire community ends up paying a price. Adults who cannot provide for their families and contribute to the community report feelings of isolation, shame, and depression. On the community level, having residents who depend on government assistance drains precious resources.

When people achieve financial security, they experience a surge of pride and confidence. They often say they have regained their dignity, value, and humanity. And the local economy benefits as more families move off assistance and start contributing to the tax base. Reducing poverty rests with those experiencing poverty and the communities around them. Poverty reduction is not simply a humanitarian goal — it’s an economic imperative.

The Burke County Circles Initiative is not a faith-based program, and it is open to anyone who is income-qualified aged 18 and older. This program is partially funded by the Community Foundation of Burke County and The Rostan Family Foundation. We are proud to partner with Open Hearts Place and Christ United Methodist Church in Drexel. 

Burke County Circles Initiative

Volunteers Needed!

A Circles Ally is a person who volunteers to play an active role in supporting a Circle Leader's commitment to climb out of poverty and achieve his or her goals. Your job as an Ally is to come alongside a Circle Leader and build an intentional friendship and support system. BRCA is seeking volunteers to help make an essential difference by helping others become self-sufficient and connect with other community members.

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