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Head Start Leadership and Governance Training

Effective governance is an essential part of any successful Head Start or Early Head Start program. This self-paced, interactive training module offers activities and real-world scenarios. 

The training is organized around five learning modules:

Head Start's Vision, Values, and Mission explores Head Start’s shared ideals against the backdrop of its rich history. See how Head Start has grown in 50+ years and how it remains true to our guiding principles.

Head Start Law and Regulations models how to access and implement the legislative policies and regulatory requirements that guide program decision-making in Head Start.

Your Team describes the rights and responsibilities of the three entities that govern Head Start programs—the governing body/Tribal Council, Policy Council, and management staff. Discover how to integrate their efforts.

Your Tools introduces Head Start's dynamic program planning process. Learn how the Management Systems Wheel supports the strategic planning of responsive services.

Be a Leader unpacks three foundational skills leaders need to regularly practice: communication, decision-making, and consensus building. Explore real-world scenarios that delve into how to implement respectful decorum and procedures.

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